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It's hard to know what to say when family, friends or colleagues lose a beloved animal companion. Since 2008, we've helped customers with thousands of condolences... we're here to help you.


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What Pet Lovers are saying about this pet remembrance gift:

 "Chris and Christine received the photo frame today that you did for Brooklyn and I thought you would enjoy seeing there response below."  --Rita

"Rita... we just went to our mailbox and and found the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever gave us. You are the tenderest, most amazing friend ever. It is perfectly beautiful. I picked up the phone to call you but I keep weeping so I will tell you in email how much this meant to both of us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." 


Joan, my recipient must've received her Rainbow Bridge memorial already today! Here's the email I received. I just wanted to share it with you to let you know what a difference your work makes for people who are hurting. Thank you :)

"I'm without words... what you have done for me is unexplainable.  My precious angel MIA. She was the center of my world.  OMG, I m just beyond grateful to you. May God bless you every day of your life. You are a wonderful human being.  Ty ty ty ty  Xoxo"



Remembrance Frames


Tips on Writing a Pet Loss Condolence Note

by Joan Dailey July 16, 2016

We each experience grieving in our own way... there is no right or wrong way. And while you may want to comfort someone who has lost a pet, you might not be sure about what to say in a condolence note.

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Dog Stories from Healing the Heart...

by Joan Dailey July 10, 2016 3 Comments

We've experienced our own encounters with the trauma of pet loss. It has surely heightened our awareness of the pain each of our customers may be feeling.  So now, as we prepare our shipments, there is a deepened sensitivity to the reality of why we are here and what we hope to provide to others who are coping with pet loss.

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How Can I Ever Get Another Dog?

by Joan Dailey July 06, 2016 1 Comment

Many of us have experienced the difficult sensation of loss and feel we just can't move on. The sadness is too much. We can't imagine getting another dog at this time. Well, perhaps this beautifully written note will give you a perspective to consider.

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Gift Package Details
Gift Package Details