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I Loved You Best pet loss remembrance gift
I Loved You Best pet loss remembrance picture frame gift
I Loved You Best pet loss sympathy picture frame gift
I Loved You Best pet loss picture frame memorial gift
I Loved You Best pet loss remembrance gift
I Loved You Best pet loss remembrance picture frame gift
I Loved You Best pet loss sympathy picture frame gift
I Loved You Best pet loss picture frame memorial gift

Pet Lover Remembrance Gift, "I Loved You Best", Memorial Pet Loss Picture Frame and Sympathy Gift Package

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Jim Willis' poem, "I Loved You Best" softens the transition from loss, to grieving, to healing with just the right measure of strength, acceptance and solace... a sentiment fitting the tribute to a special companion.

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View Frame Details

Memorial Pet Frame: A Heartfelt Tribute, Crafted with Love
Losing a pet isn't just an event; it's an emotional journey. When words fail to console, let our Memorial Frame do the talking. Every frame tells a story, from its origin in the hands of passionate craftsmen in Portland to the final touch that makes it your very own.

  • Tailored Poems: Choose from a range of heartfelt poems, from the beloved "Rainbow Bridge" to the touching "Forever Pet", ensuring your sentiment is perfectly captured.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Made in the USA, our patented designs are adorned with a textured cardstock veneer, embossed with "For Every Joy that Passes, Something Beautiful Remains", and highlighted with foil accents.
  • Custom Photo Editing: Our team brings out the best in your uploaded pet's photo, adding a name overlay to immortalize the memory.
  • Personal Attention: Every order receives individual care, showcasing our dedication to both craft and compassion.

When Words Aren't Enough:

Express Your Condolences With Our Sympathy Gift

When words fall short, our Pet Loss Picture Frame and Sympathy Gift Package steps to convey your deepest condolences.

This thoughtful gesture beautifully combines a cherished photo of your pet, a touching poem, and a personal message from you. 

It's a lasting tribute to the furry friend you will forever hold a place in your heart. 

Where Cherished Memories Meet Modern Design

We've crafted something special for you, a frame that's as heartfelt as the memories it holds. At Healing the Heart, we believe in the power of innovation while embracing elegance.

Our frame's base is thoughtfully designed using high-quality polystyrene - a refreshing departure from the traditional wooden or metal frames. Here's why:

  • Vibrant Palette: Our polystyrene base allows us to present you with an array of captivating colors, letting you choose the perfect hue that resonates with your sentiment.
  • Feather-light & Robust: While the frame is lightweight, making it a breeze to handle, it's also crafted to be durable and virtually unbreakable. This ensures your cherished moments are safeguarded, and there's absolutely no worry about shipping.
  • Innovative Snap-fit: Both the bezel and the easel boast a clever snap-fit feature. It's an intuitive design element that might be new to you, but it ensures your photo stays snugly in place.

And because we understand the joy of gifting, every Healing the Heart frame comes as a matching ensemble. Nestled inside a beautiful gift box and accompanied by a personalized gift card, it’s a complete package, just like your precious memories.

Send Your Condolences In FOUR Steps:

When You Lose A Pet... You Lose A Family Member

Losing a cherished pet is heart-wrenching, and often words fall short. Our pet remembrance gift, MORE THAN A FRAME, offers a tender solace. Handcrafted by those who understand pet loss, this special frame holds a treasured photo of your beloved companion. Far more personal than flowers, it's a poignant testament to enduring love. When pet loss grief sets in, let our Memorial Frame Gift Set be your comforting touch, reminding you that love always remains.

Personalized, Made to order, and Hand crafted

Each of our Memorial Frames is personalized to your unique sentiment, made to order ensuring attention to every detail, and handcrafted with dedication and love. It's not just a product; it's a bespoke tribute, reflecting the special bond you shared with your beloved pet.

When words fail, our Memorial Frame speaks your heart.

When words fail, our Memorial Frame speaks your heart. Crafted with profound empathy, it captures the unspoken emotions and sentiments that are often too deep to articulate. It's not just a frame; it's a tribute to the cherished memories and the enduring bond shared with a beloved pet.

Quick 24 Hours Turnaround Time

When dealing with the profound sadness of losing a pet, you shouldn't have to wait long for a token of sympathy. With a 24-hour turnaround time, our Memorial Frame can swiftly convey your heartfelt sentiments.

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About Us

We've been manufacturing speciality picture frames for over 25 years. However, Healing the Heart started sometime after we lost our beloved dog Mick. We wanted a memorial especially for him and so we put our production effort towards making a unique pet remembrance frame. 

The passion we have for our own dogs motivates us to reach out to other animal lovers who are facing the loss of their companions. We know how it feels to lose them and hope we can offer something meaningful to you or those you wish to comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't supply a photo, we'll insert a display photo with instructions to the recipient on how to insert their own favorite photo. Since it is awkward to ask a recipient for a photo, you may be able to copy one from their Facebook page. We frequently transform FB images into remembrances.

Gift Package Details
Gift Package Details